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Check Yourself!  E-mail


1. Add a contact to your e-mail address book or contacts list and, using the address book, send an e-mail to your supervisor or colleague, including each of the following::

    Send a copy to another colleague

    Send a blind copy to a colleague

    Attach a document or photo to the message


2. What is the username in the following e-mail address?  Identify the service provider?    




3. Subscribe to an e-mail list, such as iowalib or fiction_L


4. Create an account with:





5. Ask the Director or your supervisor to send you an e-mail with an attachment.  Open the attachment and save it to your computer.


6. Create a new folder in your e-mail program, and "file" an e-mail in that folder. 


7. Create an account in each of the following free, web-based e-mail services:  Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.


8.  Set up a meeting in your calendar, and invite people to the meeting. 


9. Schedule an appointment, an set up a reminder for the appointment.






   2.   Username:  john.doe    Service Provider:  iowatelecomm.net

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