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Core Internet

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A. Core Internet:  Understands and uses the Internet and the World Wide Web

      Glossary of Internet and Web Jargon  UC Berkeley Library 


1. Understands the basic structure of the Internet and of the World Wide Web (Web sites and Web pages)

         How Does the Internet Work?  Dynamic Web Solutions

         The Internet--How Does It Work?  (wydea.com)


2. Can identify the parts of a URL


         The Web at a Glance:  Anatomy of a URL (Learn The Net) 


3. Identifies and uses common browsers for accessing the Web; understands and uses URLs

          Internet navigation  GrassRootsDesign


4. Uses common functions of Web browsers (navigation buttons, scroll, add “bookmarks” or “favorites,” print)

      World Wide Web Browser Tutorial  Dynamic Web Solutions


5. Downloads and saves files from the Internet, including image, audio and video

       Copying Pictures & Text from the World Wide Web   Dynamic Web Solutions


6. Downloads e-books and audiobooks 


B. Core Internet:  Performs basic information searches


1. Identifies and uses search engines, Web directories and online databases

     Searching on the World Wide Web   Dynamic Web Solutions


2. Evaluates information for quality and credibility

       Evaluating Webpages   UC Berkeley Library


3. Demonstrates familiarity with a variety of search strategies (keyword, Boolean operators)

       Searching on the World Wide Web   Dynamic Web Solutions


4. Utilizes the Find feature to locate information on a Web page 



C. Core Internet:  Understands common security protocols related to Internet Use

     Computer Security  GrassRootsDesign 


1. Understands the purpose of anti-virus and anti-spam software

       Computer Viruses  GrassRootsDesign

       Computer Viruses   Learn the Net


2. Identifies pop-up windows and blocks or allows them as necessary

       How do I stop pop-up or pop-under Internet ads?  Computer Hope


3. Understands the function of cookies


4. Recognizes secure transaction sites and understands what type of activities are conducted there

        Secure Transactions   Learn the Net

       Secure Websites in Plain English   Common Craft


5. Understands and applies the library’s computer and Internet usage policies (CIPA, privacy, security)

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