Core Hardware

A. Core Hardware: Understands and uses basic computer hardware and peripherals 


1.  Understands basic technology terminology

        Basic Computer Terminology

        More extensive, in dictionary format  (from cnet)


2. Recognizes and understands the functions of basic computer components (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply, printer)

         Basic Computer Operations (including detail on input--keyboards, etc.)  GrassRootsDesign

         Basic Computer Tutorial   Computer Technology Documentation Project


3. Performs basic operations on computer hardware (plug in, start-up, shut-down, reboot, mouse functions, keyboard functions, uses headphones and speakers)


4. Recognizes common removable storage devices (CD or DVD disks, USB drives, floppy disk) and identifies the appropriate drives

Performs basic troubleshooting procedures for computer hardware and peripherals

         Basic Hardware Troubleshooting  Computer Hope


5. Understands the set-up and use of data projectors and other audio-visual equipment used for library programming


6.  Performs basic printer maintenance tasks (start-up, load paper and cartridges, clear paper jam)

       Printing (installing printers, troubleshooting, etc.)   Cached, U. of Washington

       General printer troubleshooting    Computer Hope