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Core E-mail

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Note:  In some of the tutorials you may see advertisements; scroll past any sections labeled as

"advertisements," or "sponsored links"


General information about e-mail, and how it works:  

      Internet: E-mail  GrassRootsDesign

     How e-mail works Dynamic Web Solutions

     How e-mail works   How Stuff Works


A. Performs basic functions of e-mail applications


 1. Receives, opens, forwards as needed, or deletes e-mail messages

    Specific steps may vary according to the system or client you use:  choose your system from these popular ones

    (or consult user manual, if yours isn't listed):



       Yahoo! Mail Quick Start   Yahoo

       Hotmail:  Create a New Hotmail Account     Free Email Tutorials 


           Outlook 2003   Free Email Tutorials

           Outlook 2007   Free Email Tutorials

           Outlook Express

            Mozilla Thunderbird Tutorial   Free Email Tutorials

            Mozilla Mail Tutorial    Free Email Tutorials


  2. Can identify the parts of an e-mail address

      Understanding e-mail addresses  (Learnthenet) 


 3.  Is a member, and has understanding, of maillists, such as Iowalib

         Mailing Lists     Learn the Net

         E-mail List Services   (SILO--State of Iowa Libraries Online)


 4. Composes or replies to, addresses and sends e-mail messages

      Step-by-Step:  Sending an e-mail message    Learn the Net

      Yahoo:  Composing and Sending E-mail messages

      Yahoo:  Receiving and Responding to E-mail Messages


 5. Sends, receives and saves attachments

       E-mail Attachments  GrassRootsDesign

       Step-by-Step:  Sending e-mail attachments   Learn the Net


 6.  Can use and understand To:, BCC: and CC: fields

       Sending an e-mail to multiple recipients    About.com


 7. Manages addresses/contacts in address book

        MS Outlook Contacts   tizag.com

        Gmail  Managing Contacts    Google

        Yahoo! Mail and Your Yahoo Contacts   Yahoo


 8. Creates folders and files messages for retrieval as needed

        Yahoo:  Using Folders to Organize Your E-mail    Yahoo


 9. Identifies and uses Web-based e-mail programs as well as desktop e-mail applications

         (examples: Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook and Outlook Express)

     Create a New Hotmail Account     Free Email Tutorials

     Creating a Gmail account   www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb4U4BjnJnI         (Screencast) 

         Step by Step lesson (makes assumption that you can get to Google without instruction...)

     Setting Up a Gmail Account (Richmond Public Library)  


        (Webpage instruction)

      Creating a Gmail Account   mail.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?hl=en&topic=12774  (Webpage Instruction)



Core E-mail: Performs basic calendar operations and task management


      Outlook Calendar tutorial   tizag.com 


1. Creates, accepts and sets recurring appointments.

       Outlook 2007 Calendar tutorial
       Google Calendar:  Getting Started Guide


 2. Sets reminders for calendar items

         Outlook 2007 Calendar tutorial


 3. Plans and schedules meetings and invites attendees

         Outlook 2007 Calendar tutorial  


 4. Creates and manages task lists

      Outlook Tasks     tizag.com


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